Society of Divine Vocations

Fr. Justin the Founder of the Society of Divine Vocations - Vocationists Fathers and SistersFr. Justin Russolillo, the founder of the Society of Divine Vocations - Vocationists, expressed himself that this religious congregation came into being by a pastor who taught catechism every day.  By teaching catechism he was able to recognize the minds of the young ones and their vocations.  No sooner he became the pastor of Pianura on September 20, 1920, than he began working for the realization of his dream and that same year, the first religious community namely the Society of Divine Vocations, later came to be known as “VOCATIONIST FATHERS”. The Society of Divine Vocations received its first Diocesan approval on May 26th, 1927.  It became a Congregation of Pontifical right on May 24th, 1947.  Fr. Justin established the Vocationist Fathers with their special charism to foster and promote vocations to the priesthood, religious life and holiness among all God’s people. To carry on this vocational work Fr. Justin established the Vocationary, a special house of formation that would supply vocations to both religious order and diocesan seminaries.  For those who are undecided whether they want to be a Vocationist, a Diocesan priest or a member of another religious community, the Vocationist Fathers offer the Vocationary, a place of vocational discernment. The Vocationary was established specially to attend to the needs of those financially unable to attend the seminary and those who are still searching and discerning their vocation. By establishing the Vocationary, Fr. Justin focused his attention not only on candidates seeking a religious or priestly vocation, but also on those who had left the priesthood or who were in danger of doing so. Thus, the Vocationary has often given life to those who had abandoned the active ministry.  The Vocationists’ spirituality stems from Fr. Justin’s conviction that all people are called to holiness. Their “first duty” is to be with God. Their ultimate goal is to achieve Divine Union. They are called to establish and live the relationship of “child, parent and spouse” of God on the pattern of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. The Catholic Church, the Holy Family and the Blessed Trinity are the heart and center of their spirituality, which may be summarized thus: “Ascension to the Trinity with the Holy Family in the Church.”